Growing FSC through effective management

Growing FSC through effective management

Campaigns and Events

Highlighting value chain success stories

FSC International launched Out of the Woods, a value-chain focused webinar platform to raise awareness of all FSC priority sectors like textiles and natural rubber. It serves up success stories and milestones from forests to businesses, supported by certificate holders and promotional licence holders.

The first episode focused on the textiles value chain covering the role of sustainable forest management in enhancing sustainability in the fashion industry. There were 187 attendees and it generated 12,800 impressions on social media and 949 visits to The speakers included two FSC-certified companies, Masai Clothing Company and Brunello, and Canopy, an NGO focused on the sustainable procurement of viscose from forest fibres.

The second episode focused on the solid wood value chain, covering topics like project certification and the use of certified wood as a sustainable material in construction. It was even more successful, with 44,000 impressions on social media and 5.5 per cent average engagement on LinkedIn.

A video interview with Delia García, Head of Sustainability at El Corte Inglés, about the value of FSC was released in July 2020. She highlighted how FSC certification brought credibility and consistency to the sustainability strategy of El Corte Inglés and how it also helps them to meet the European Union Timber Regulations.

Amplifying our success

FSC International’s average engagement rates across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter continued to perform well throughout the year (5.72, 10.98, 3.47, 1.63 per cent, respectively). Engagement is calculated as the sum of the number of reactions, shares, comments, clicks on links, videos, and images divided by the total reach of the post.

FSC marked the 2020 International Day of Forests by focusing on overlooked animals. The fun and educational campaign drew attention to overlooked species and the important ecosystem roles they play. It reached almost 100,000 people on social media platforms.

Our News & Views newsletter audience continued growing. More than 3,500 subscribers expect the latest information related to FSC in their inbox every two weeks.

FSC was featured in the December 2020 edition of National Geographic, in a story that links FSC certification to protecting the highly endangered dormouse population in Lithuania and other parts of Europe. The story reached over 22 million people worldwide.

FSC entered into a content partnership with an online trade magazine for architecture called ArchiVibe to target architects in Europe. A series of four editorials were generated featuring 16 prominent architect companies in Europe, covering four countries: the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, and Sweden. The article series positioned FSC in the architect community in Europe. The engagement rate of the articles on LinkedIn was over 7 per cent (average), and the article was visited by 4,523 readers online.

FSC also launched a podcast series called Forest for the Future focusing on innovation within FSC. New episodes are released every fortnight and cover everything from blockchain and open data to Earth observation and climate mitigation.

We also published impact stories on from the Republic of the Congo, Russia, Guatemala, Namibia, Italy, Ecuador, Peru, and Spain among others, with network support. This achieved more than 23,000 views.

Growing FSC value chains


In 2020, Tetra Pak reached 100 per cent FSC availability in their carton packages. Additionally, 140 billion of them are now FSC labelled, representing 76 per cent of their total sales. The company also expanded its scope and had its first paper straw factory FSC certified, reaching 100 certified sites among the chain of custody factories and markets worldwide.

Since 2007 – when Tetra Pak introduced Forest Stewardship Council certification to the liquid food carton industry – we have been working with paperboard suppliers around the world to ensure that all our packaging material factories are supplied with paperboard from 100% FSC-certified and other controlled sources. As of 2020, this has enabled our company to deliver over 640 billion FSC-labelled packages in more than 110 countries and to extend FSC Chain of Custody to our paper straws.
— Julian Fox, Sustainable Sourcing and Operations Director, Tetra Pak

FSC has also been working closely with packaging giant, SIG Combibloc. The company reached 98 per cent FSC-labelled SIG cartons in 2019 and aimed to secure 100 per cent of its paper board as FSC-certified:

Over the last decade SIG has chosen FSC certification for the stringency of its standards, requiring forest management practices that support biodiversity, prevent deforestation, and respect the rights of workers and local communities. Since 2009 all SIG’s liquid packaging board, including that used for paper straws, has come from FSC chain of custody certified suppliers, which has enabled over 300 billion packages to reach consumers worldwide. In 2020, more than 97% of SIG cartons sold carried the FSC logo. This achievement was made possible in large part by engaging with board suppliers to embrace the wide-reaching benefits of FSC certification and by the support of customers, who see great value in incorporating the FSC label in their packaging designs to demonstrate responsible sourcing of packaging materials.
— Samuel Sigrist, Chief Executive Officer, SIG Combibloc


2020 saw FSC become a part of online retailer Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly programme, making it easier for customers to discover and shop for more sustainable products. When searching for products, customers now see the Climate Pledge Friendly label signifying they have one or more of 19 different sustainability certifications that help preserve the natural world. The FSC selection in the Climate Pledge Friendly programme currently includes furniture, paper, stationery, and household products, and items from a range of other categories from international brands.

FSC is the only certification system focusing exclusively on forest products that Amazon has selected to feature in the programme. The online retailer evaluated hundreds of external sustainability certifications and chose organizations that certify products that have demonstrated sustainability benefits for the environment.

Tanzanian communities now supply FSC-certified timber to Serengeti Park Ecolodge Rural

Rural communities in south-east Tanzania are reaping the fruits of their responsible forest management. They recently started supplying FSC-certified timber to expand an ecolodge located in the Serengeti National Park, one of the most famous parks in Africa.

Behind the scenes

Supporting our people

In 2020, FSC brought on board more than 20 new staff, rising up to 104 with student assistants. The organization fostered professional development and took advantage of the talents by enabling them to take on positions or responsibilities more than ever.

FSC Financial Report 2020

Forest Stewardship Council, A.C. and Subsidaries consolidated statement of comprehensive income.

  Note 2020 2019
    US$'000 US$'000
Revenue 11    
Annual administration fees   36,240 32,518
Donations   488 685
ASI generated income   5,874 5,352
Commercial services   103 217
Memberships and fees   172 297
Other   1,364 1,106
Total revenue   44,241 40,175
Staff salaries   7,853 8,081
Staff benefits   1,666 1,805
Staff recruitment and rellocation   198 92
Total staff costs   9,717 9,978
Travel staff   113 336
Travel non-staff   486 2,039
Total travel costs   599 2,375
Fee principle cooperation and license agreements   6,251 6,341
License fee   20 134
Externals   2,376 2,509
Consultants   5,209 5,754
Fee service agreements NO   577 1,034
Legal and consulting costs   670 663
IT & Communication   857 835
External office cost services   1,073 864
Costs meetings   117 831
Total third party costs   17,150 18,965
Rent   93 87
Basic costs   714 637
Office costs NO   124 154
Financial costs   113 471
Total back office costs   1,044 1,349
Total costs   28,510 32,667
Net exchange rate gains/ losses 12 637 -35
EBITDA   15,094 7,473
Amortization and depreciation and loss from disposal of non-current assets 13 -175 -479
Amortization right-of-use assets 13 -240 -240
EBIT   14,679 6,754
Tax expense 14 -4,091 -2,548
Interest income   19 15
Interest expense on lease liabilities 2 -22 -28
Financial Result   -3 -13
Profit for the period   10,585 4,193
Other comprehensive income      
Exhange gains or losses arising on translation of foreign operations   146 -19
Total comprehensive income 15 10,731 4,174

Global FSC Certified Area

221,761,049.4 ha | 1,746 certificates

Global FSC Chain of Custody certificates

44,751 certifcates

Special thanks

Special thanks to the following donors who made our 2020 achievements possible:

Commission des Forêts d'Afrique Centrale, represented by Programme Promotion de I'Exploitation Certifiee des Forêts (COMIFAC/PPECF)
Domtar (US)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ)
International Paper
ISEAL Alliance
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Peter and Mary Russo Family Foundation, Inc.
Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation
Procter & Gamble
Tableau Foundation
US Agency for International Development US Forest Service International Programmes
Individual and anonymous donors