System integrity

Maintaining the integrity of the FSC system is crucial if we are to succeed in our mission.

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Strengthening the FSC supply chain

Safeguarding the integrity of the FSC brand is at the heart of FSC and we therefore have a series of initiatives and programmes with the sole aim of assuring that FSC remains the most trusted and credible certification system for forestry in the world. 

One of these programmes focuses on identifying and addressing risk in supply chains. In collaboration with Assurance Services International (ASI), we have been conducting a global assessment of inaccurate claims in high-risk supply chains in a series of different commodities. 

We are also piloting new solutions to manage risk in supply chains, where a high level of risk has been identified with the aim to expand successful initiatives to other high-risk supply chains in the future. Some supply chains currently included are bamboo, certain kinds of oak and charcoal.

In 2018:

  • We worked with ASI to carry out thorough investigations in several supply chains to evaluate risk level.
  • We expanded our use of traditional wood-anatomy testing to determine species and region of harvest for FSC-certified lump charcoal. 
  • We suspended or terminated all certificate holders where allegations of false claims were found to be conclusive.
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