Our people

Our people are our greatest asset. Since 2017, we have continued to evolve our organization and build on our human resources strategy.

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We are FSC

In this video, our people explain why they enjoy being part of the FSC team.

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Attracting, retaining and empowering our people

To live up to the FSC mission and commitments in our global strategic plan, we continue to empower our people and make the organization a great place to work.

At our headquarters in Bonn, Germany, we have successfully maintained or increased gender diversity across all hierarchical levels. In an already diverse staff body, we have also increased diversity by increasing the number of staff members from the global south.  
We have embarked on redesigning our approach to evaluating performance, skills and competencies with a view to people development.

We moved towards improving leadership and teamwork through implementing a leadership and team development pilot in our Performance and Standards Unit. This will see the development of leadership principles, and a leadership development programme for a group of eight programme managers.

In addition, we developed a code of conduct, dealing with topics such as embracing diversity, showing respect for others, promoting equality and dealing with harassment.

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New offices

As our global secretariat has grown over the past few years, we had to move some staff members to a second office space a few years ago.

This separation was not ideal, and we are happy to announce that 2018 saw us move the whole organization in Bonn back under one roof. 

Elsewhere, FSC Chile opened a new office in Concepción in January 2018. Previously, its central office was located in the capital, Santiago. Now, it is closer to the different stakeholders, including rural communities, Indigenous communities, NGOs and smallholders.

In April 2018, the national office of FSC Argentina was born. The news was announced at a special event held at Patagonia Flooring, a local partner. In Argentina, FSC has been certifying various companies for about 15 years.

From key accounts to value chain development

Our key account management structure was revamped in 2018 and is now the Value Chain Development Programme. The new programme entails market intelligence-led prioritization of value chains of forest-based products. It enables us to identify opportunities to create impact and deliver solutions with FSC that add value to the final product.

The programme has three major focus value chains with dedicated teams to cater to them and an overarching objective to transform the markets and meet our global strategic plan targets. The three value chains are:


  1. Timber, including furniture, construction and tropical timber
  2. Fibre, including packaging, paper and hygiene
  3. Innovation, including textiles, rubber and non-timber products

This change has led to a more focused and organized way of working, as well as enabling us to establish a better connection in market development, from the forest to the consumer.