Increasing market value

FSC certification provides assurance that forest products are obtained in such a way that improves economies, increases social empowerment, and improves environmental quality in the forest. And ensuring we have an active and growing FSC marketplace is crucial to make sure these benefits are realized for the forests and the people that depend on them.

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Consumer demand

We continue to significantly increase the promotion of FSC as a consumer brand, as well as develop collaborations with partners to achieve meaningful empowerment of people and conservation outcomes.

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System integrity

Maintaining the integrity of the FSC system is crucial if we are to succeed in our mission.

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Expanding our services

Our work with our range of partners and stakeholders enables us to innovate and build out our services to create value for people and the environment.

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Partnerships for change

We cannot solve huge environmental issues on our own and so our partnerships – with businesses, governments and NGOs – are crucial in continuing to push the boundaries.