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FSC Friday continues as truly global initiative

Friday 28 September 2018 marked another successful FSC Friday, as FSC-certified businesses, FSC members, schools and organizations all around the world celebrated.

This event is about sharing the work our organization has been doing for the last 25 years to take care of forests and its biodiversity.

In Germany, home to FSC’s global headquarters, the team celebrated by collecting waste along the Rhine River. Over the course of an hour, a team of 30 people collected food packaging, disposable cutlery and plates made of plastic.

Through this action, we wanted to highlight the problem of global plastic waste and encourage responsible choices, such as FSC-certified packaging, as an alternative to plastic.

Highlights from FSC around the world included:

FSC Portugal celebrated FSC Friday with a dinner in a winery. The event gathered bottlers, cork producers, printers and wood companies, to share their experiences in sustainable business models, promote the use of responsible forest products and highlight the importance of consumers’ choices.

FSC Canada asked stakeholders to help raise awareness by talking about FSC and their commitment to responsible forestry to their employees or colleagues. Their website suggested different ideas to help get the message out, such as sending a companywide message explaining what FSC is, sharing fun forest facts through social media or hosting a lunch for staff to introduce FSC through a presentation, fun snacks or an FSC video.

FSC Finland uses FSC Friday to announce the winner of its Seedling of Responsibility Award. This year, the prize was awarded to Silja Keränen who has highlighted the importance of responsible forestry in Finland. Keränen is a columnist of a prominent Finnish newspaper, and her thoughts attract lots of publicity and comments. She is also a smallholder and a member of the Finnish Green Party.

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The FSC Greater Mekong office worked closely with WWF Thailand, Tetra Pak Thailand and The Mall Group, Thailand’s largest mall operator, to organize FSC Friday in Gourmet Market. The first 200 customers purchasing TetraPak beverages received cotton shopping bags from WWF.

FSC Italy and IKEA in Italy joined forces to organize a series of events, information areas and workshops for children in three stores. In the Milan and Padua stores, the event was extended to the whole weekend, and around 14,000 leaflets on IKEA’s use of FSC wood and paper and 20,000 certified wooden keychains were distributed.

FSC Brazil started a social media campaign called #EuEscolhoFSC (#IChooseFSC in English). The campaign invites everyone to look for the FSC label and post images of certified products that are part of their daily life while using the hashtag.

FSC Switzerland organized a corporate volunteering event together with the watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen. Twenty employees from IWC helped a hunting association to remove fences in the FSC-certified forest of the city of Schaffhausen. The fences had been placed ten years ago to protect young trees from being grazed by game. The trees have now grown high enough, so game cannot harm them any longer, and space was given back to the game.

FSC Russia organized a ‘Forest for all Forever’ photo competition. SIG Combibloc Russia became a sponsor of presents for winners. Meanwhile, Tetra Pak organized a ‘Where did my Tetra Pak package come from?’ tour in the FSC-certified forest of International Paper, its contractor, for clients, retailers and the media.

FSC US prepared a range of posts for each of their social media channels and engaged with WWF, Rainforest Alliance, World Centric and Cooper Enterprises to also share posts. The team reached 4,688 engagements through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

FSC Netherlands distributed promotional chocolates and sent 350 postcards to stakeholders asking them to spread the word internally or through their social media channels. Nationally, FSC Friday was mentioned 250 times through social media through posts using materials from the FSC Friday Toolkit. Posts with the highest reach came from the international retailer HEMA and WWF Netherlands.

FSC Poland provided many useful materials to FSC Friday participants, including a quiz about FSC, posters, and FSC-certified pens and notebooks. All these tools were used by over 50 stakeholders celebrating FSC Friday 2018 through events.

FSC Ecuador developed some events to celebrate FSC Friday, including a Sustainable Construction Book presentation, a bamboo smallholders workshop, Bioeconomy 2030 and the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador.

FSC Mexico’s FSC Friday event was unprecedented in size, bringing together more than 150 people from different stakeholder groups. It was supported by the FSC New Approaches team, NGOs, companies and certified communities, which gave FSC visibility in the country.