Governance and engagement

Within our membership, everyone has a voice of equal importance and equal decision-making power. This gives our members the chance to shape the future of FSC and helps us to continuously improve the way we operate and govern our certification scheme and the wider organization.

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Our strong growth continues

As the number of FSC members continues to grow, so does the strength of our organization. In 2018, we were delighted to welcome 78 new members, including 54 individual members and 24 organizations.

At the end of December 2018, our total membership stood at 1,087 members.

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How one forestry company is helping Ugandan farmers improve their living while tackling encroachment issues

Our Board provides crucial leadership

Our Board is made up of a diverse range of professionals and experts from across the world.

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In 2018, our Board meetings were held in:

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Continuing to monitor how we’re governed

To improve the way we are governed, 2018 saw the FSC governance review phase 2 carried out to implement motion 69 from the previous year. As part of this, we interviewed 114 individuals and heard from 2,000 stakeholders via an online survey between March and December.

We found that FSC’s core governance – a three chamber system with the membership as the highest decision-making body – to still be our core strength, giving us a competitive advantage due to the superior credibility it gives our standards. 

The recommendations we received therefore focused more on how this core could be protected while transparency could be increased.

The governance review was carried out by teams at the Universities of Magdeburg in Germany and Feevale in Brazil. Full analysis and recommendations will be presented to the Board of Directors for its revision and approval at the board meeting in August 2019.

Keeping it locally relevant

For our work to have an impact on the ground, we must consider the needs of our members at a regional level. 

To build on a series of regional meetings in preparation for the  2020 FSC General Assembly, we hosted the FSC International Asia-Pacific Membership Regional Meeting in Mumbai (24-25 September 2018).