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48 Global Actions

The Forest Stewardship Council has defined a set of actions for 2021 that were designed to move the organization towards achieving the ambition of the Global Strategy.

We are reporting against these actions to demonstrate the level of progress towards the Global Strategy.

ACTION 36 - Operationalizing Partnerships

  • A leadership role in the secretariat was created to tactically coordinate and direct FSC’s work on stakeholder engagement and partnership developments. Additionally, a partnership mapping exercise was started by the Markets & Communications Unit and the Global Network Unit collected data on stakeholders and partners in country factbooks.
  • FSC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Verra, outlining a workplan to help forestry projects that meet the requirements of both organizations to opt for cross-certification.
  • FSC partnered with South Pole to support and develop nature-based solutions projects within forest management-certified areas in Africa and Latin America. The collaboration will deliver streamlined and standard approaches for certified forest managers wishing to connect to climate finance opportunities.
  • ACTION 37 - Global Agendas

  • Collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature on nature-based solutions announced at the World Conservation Congress in September 2021.
  • There was preliminary adoption of FSC indicators as part of the monitoring framework of the Global Biodiversity Framework.
  • FSC participated in the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.
  • Nature-based Solutions

    ACTION 38 - Landscape Stewardship

  • A project for landscape solutions in Indonesia was funded and started with The Borneo Initiative. A request for proposal was developed for indicators related to the contributions of FSC-certified plantations to the wider landscape.
  • Joint Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (Indonesia)

    ACTION 39 - Government Toolkit

  • The government toolkit will be delivered in 2022. This toolkit provides an understanding of the political economy and enabling conditions of a country when engaging in dialogue with governments, and value propositions for certification for different areas of focus.
  • ACTION 40 - Economic Incentives

  • Designing Fiscal Policies for Sustainable Forests was published in March 2021. FSC was recognized for contributions made to the book, including providing data on voluntary sustainability certifications.
  • Designing Fiscal Instruments for Sustainable Forests

    ACTION 41 - European Union Advocacy

  • FSC joined as an official partner of the New European Bauhaus, an initiative under the European Union Green Deal to accelerate the transformation of the construction sector in switching to materials that are circular, affordable, and less carbon-intensive.
  • FSC shared 10 recommendations with the European Union (EU) Commission on how to strengthen the EU-driven deforestation proposal. Certifications are included in the proposal, which is currently being discussed by the EU’s Parliament and Council.
  • FSC became an affiliate member of the European Environmental Bureau.
  • FSC provided recommendations on the EU Strategy for Sustainable Textiles.
  • FSC provided recommendations to the European Commission on the Renewable Energy Directive revision process.
  • FSC shared feedback on the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation, a new EU initiative aimed at making products placed on the European market more sustainable and circular.
  • FSC received a positive evaluation in the Preferred by Nature report on forest schemes.
  • FSC-certified Wood Recognised as an Essential Part of Sustainable Living Spaces
    Recommendations to Improve the New EU rules for Deforestation-free Products
    FSC Joins Forces with European Environmental Organizations
    FSC Recommendations on EU Strategy for Sustainable Textiles
    FSC and EU Renewable Energy Rules
    EU Sustainable Products Initiative
    Feedback from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
    Preferred by Nature Report on Forest Schemes

    ACTION 42 - Regional and Global Trade

  • The book Central African Forests Forever was published in Chinese, English and French for distribution and use in relevant locations; FSC plays an important role in the plan for the protection of Central Africa’s vast forests. Additionally, FSC was part of the launch of the Amazon Initiative by European timber traders to show there is a market for FSC-certified materials from the Brazilian Amazon.
  • FSC made three presentations at the Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition Conference in November 2021 and a person in FSC China was hired for a specialized new role (‘China Overseas’ Director).
  • Championing Sustainability Solutions in the Congo Basin

    ACTION 43 - Sustainable Finance Instruments

  • FSC shared a roadmap outlining organizational investments needed to develop solutions for the financial sector.
  • The revision of the FSC ecosystem services procedure: Impact demonstration and market tools will start in 2022 and should be concluded in 2024.
  • FSC also conducted research into key points for the financial sector to be included in the revision of the Ecosystem Services Procedure (FSC-PRO-30-006)
  • FSC was recognized in the European Union Taxonomy Regulation on climate adaptation and mitigation criteria, and acknowledged in the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance report on taxonomy technical screening criteria.
  • Sustainable Finance Package
    FSC in the EU Sustainable Finance Report

    ACTION 44 - Sustainable Finance Relations

  • FSC continued participating in the 20 x 20 initiative and was included in the Green Bonds Principles sustainability reporting template.
  • Initiative 20 x 20
    Green Bond Principles

    ACTION 45 - Project Matchmaking

  • FSC signed a collaboration agreement with South Pole and secured matchmaking projects with ISA Energy in Latin America.
  • FSC Collaboration with South Pole
    Jaguar Connection Program

    ACTION 46 - FSC Brand Positioning

  • FSC’s global brand identity was streamlined worldwide, which includes updated brand guidelines, brand elements, brand messaging, and brand templates. This work is reflected in the annual report you are currently viewing and will be rolled out further in 2022.
  • Working with an award-winning advertising agency (Saatchi & Saatchi New York), FSC finalized a new campaign platform which aims to increase awareness and uptake with American consumers. This was sponsored by Procter & Gamble and will begin to launch in 2022.
  • ACTION 47 - Global Storytelling

  • Stories were gathered in Russia, Mexico, the United States, and Guatemala with inspiring content produced for social platforms and the FSC website. FSC’s work was published in leading media publications including National Geographic.
  • There was improved performance in social media with an average engagement rate of 14 per cent across all channels.
  • FSC’s TreeBnB campaign, launched for the International Day of Forests, won gold for Disruptive Communications in the Digital Communication Awards 2021.
  • Searching for the King Vulture
    Conserving Habitat for Threatened Bats on Timberlands in the Heart of Appalachia
    Digital Communication Awards: TreeBnB Campaign

    ACTION 48 - Media Engagement

  • Three webinars were held for journalists with the aim of engaging and building relationships, as well as positioning FSC as a leader in the forestry and environmental space. A total of 61 journalists representing targeted mainstream media houses engaged with the webinars, resulting in three positive articles mentioning FSC in the media.
  • There was successful pitching of multiple stories, reaching audiences of approximately 50 million people worldwide.
  • A more proactive crisis management approach was adopted to respond to issues in the media, which resulted in increased trust and positive sentiment towards FSC.
  • Copernicus Climate Datax