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48 Global Actions

The Forest Stewardship Council has defined a set of actions for 2021 that were designed to move the organization towards achieving the ambition of the Global Strategy.

We are reporting against these actions to demonstrate the level of progress towards the Global Strategy.

ACTION 19 - Circular Economy

  • An overview of the paper and packaging recycling sector was finalized. FSC is exploring how to implement circular economy principles within its system to support and enable certificate holders with their circularity goals, thereby contributing to reducing the pressure on forests worldwide.
  • The mapping of certificate holders with FSC Recycled for the paper and packaging product categories was concluded.
  • ACTION 20 - Fibre Development

  • Engagement with packaging innovators in paper bottle development was established with Paboco and Pulpex, who are using FSC-certified paper for their bottles.
  • The Fashion Forever Green Pact was launched in September 2021 and onboarded 24 signatories.
  • Fashion Forever Green Pact

    ACTION 21 - Alternative Inputs

  • The market dynamics with regard to integration of alternative inputs ('neutral materials' that could be mixed with FSC-certified materials) were reviewed with the Policy Steering Group pending further discussion. Progress was slower than expected due to reprioritization.
  • ACTION 22 - Solid Wood Development

  • FSC Global Development and ADEO Group agreed to sign an international promotional licence agreement (PLA), covering Leroy Merlin business units in 12 countries in 2022.
  • A roadmap was created to facilitate FSC's project in Gabon, which seeks to support the implementation of Gabon's commitment to ensure that all forests are FSC certified by 2022. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, this project has been delayed.
  • The newly developed approach to engaging with architects was implemented; a case study on the first FSC-certified project in Spain (Impulso Verde) and an e-book for architects, Build sustainably with FSC-certified wood, were finalized.
  • Dezeen and FSC Architecture Project Talks

    ACTION 23 - Non-Timber Forest Product Development

  • The first FSC-certified tyre by Pirelli and the BMW Group was launched.
  • FSC-certified rubber smallholder groups and certified area grew by over 250 per cent and 166 per cent respectively versus the previous year.
  • Hunter Boots became the first brand to make a public commitment that all its rubber footwear will be FSC-certified.
  • FSC contributed to increasing the relevance of FSC certification for açaí and Brazil nut markets, in collaboration with FSC Brazil.
  • World’s first FSC-certified tyre
    Hunter Boots: FSC-certified rubber footwear

    ACTION 24 - FSC Sourcing Preference

  • Notable FSC sourcing preferences and future FSC commitments were achieved with Hunter Boots, IKEA, and Ralph Lauren.
  • Hunter Boots
    IKEA | Being Forest Positive
    Ralph Lauren | Forest Protection Policy

    ACTION 25 - Ecosystems Services Markets

  • A road map for organizational, market, product, and technology development was completed and disseminated.
  • Regarding the revision of the FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure, an impact demonstration and market tools will start in 2022 and should be concluded in 2024.
  • Initial development of partnerships took place to strengthen FSC’s and its certificate holders’ position in ecosystems services markets.
  • An agreement was established with the Ecosystem Marketplace (a Forest Trends’ initiative), and a memorandum of understanding was signed with Verra (carbon standard) and South Pole (project development).
  • ACTION 26 - eCommerce

  • A collaboration was agreed with Amazon to launch and strengthen their Climate Pledge Friendly Program, which makes it easier for customers to discover and shop for sustainable products.
  • FSC Collaborates with Amazon on Climate Pledge Friendly Program

    ACTION 27 - Tropical Forest Products

  • The Global Strategy was defined, and new assets were prepared and released.
      How Consumers Can Ensure Responsible Management of Tropical Forests with FSC – Watch Video
      How Construction Professionals Can Ensure Responsible Management of Tropical Forests with FSC – Watch Video
  • An Amazon Initiative, an open letter sent to the Brazilian forestry sector by a united group of European timber importers and traders was successfully launched during a webinar on 29 November 2021. This was organized by Keflico and facilitated by FSC, and aimed to motivate the market of sustainably sourced timber and state the current and expected market requirements in Europe.
  • ACTION 28 - Trademark

  • A new pricing framework was introduced for international promotional licence holders across all trademark service providers.
  • A new framework was introduced for PLAs managed by the FSC Global Development/Markets and Communications Unit: the first PLA was signed with Pirelli.
  • More than 3,000 trademark use support requests were resolved.
  • The trademark standard (50-001 V2.1) revision was completed.
  • New videos were created about the FSC labels and the value of promotional licences.
  • A milestone was reached of 1,500 PLHs – a 20 per cent growth in 2021.
  • Trademark Standard (50-001 V2.1) Revision

    ACTION 29 - Impact and Performance

  • A road map to forest impacts was published, as well as an impacts dashboard.
  • A functional specification for the Research Portal, an online platform where users will be able to access results from various scientific articles was developed.
  • FSC Impact Dashboard

    ACTION 30 - Ecosystems Services Impact

  • A road map for organizational, market, product, and technology development was completed and disseminated. Also, regarding the revision of the FSC Ecosystem Services Procedure, an impact demonstration and market tools will start in 2022 and should be concluded in 2024.
  • ACTION 31 - Shopper Solution

  • The proof of concept for a digital ID solution was defined, which identifies digitally whether a product is FSC-certified. This allows e-commerce retailers to recognize authentic FSC-certified products and promote them online.
  • An automated solution for product data collection was completed that streamlines the process for e-commerce companies to promote FSC-certified products within their sustainability programmes.
  • ACTION 32 - Community and Family Forests

  • The new Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) guidelines were published.
  • For the Continuous Improvement Procedure, a second consultation was completed at the beginning of Q4 2021.
  • The Forest Management Groups standard was successfully rolled out.
  • The Asia-Pacific regional standard operating procedures for smallholders were finalized and funding secured.
  • A Collective Impact briefing note was published.
  • A beta version of the screening tool for network partners (or external stakeholders) was completed to assess the probability of success of different communities that have timber as the main forest product. An economic viability tool, designed for empowering communities, to collectively analyse their current land management versus a scenario of responsible forest management and FSC certification, was also finalized.
  • The revision of small and low intensity managed forests (SLIMF) eligibility criteria was launched, and a technical working group established.
  • FSC Publishes New Guidelines on Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)
    Continuous Improvement Procedure
    Collective Impact Briefing

    ACTION 33 - Indigenous-based Solutions

  • FSC IF signed terms of collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to develop and implement actions with national governments and other sectors in Central America on areas related to forests, sustainable agriculture, food system, Indigenous women, capacity development, and Indigenous businesses.
  • FSC IF and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) held global listening sessions with Indigenous Peoples on USAID’s new US$ 150 billion climate strategy for 2022–2030.
  • Implementation began of the Indigenous Women and Girls Economic Empowerment (I-WEE) Programme with UN Women, FAO, United Nations Development Programme, Hivos, Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests, and national and local Indigenous NGOs.
  • Community and visibility strategy, and initial media products (website, newsletter, and social media) connected to Indigenous-based solutions were finalized and launched, led by FSC IF.
  • Two side events executed in the FSC General Assembly focused on Indigenous Peoples rights, forest-based solutions, and business with participation of over 200 participants – including FSC members.
  • Two Indigenous leaders were funded to participate in the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.
  • Six women Indigenous leaders funded to engage with US stakeholders, US government, donors, and investors to create awareness on partnerships and invest on gender, inclusion, Indigenous rights, and community business in Guatemala.
  • The FSC IF team and senior staff participated in 35 regional and international events with linkages to over 60 different organizations.
  • FSC IF hosted or co-hosted 25 events with approximately 1,700 participants from 150 organizations.
  • FSC Indigenous Foundation

    ACTION 34 - Diversity and Gender

  • A baseline report on diversity and gender in FSC was developed in March 2021 and a green paper on gender issues in forests was finalized in December 2021. FSC was present in three gender-related events at the International Union for Conservation of Nature Congress and the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) World Day.
  • Diversity and Gender in FSC
    Recommendations to Tackle Gender Inequity in Forests

    ACTION 35 - Workers’ Rights

  • Evaluation criteria and a procedure for benchmarking other social compliance schemes were approved by the Secretariat. Training modules for auditors and certificate holders were developed in five languages, and 27 national self-assessment templates were published.
  • Core Labour Requirements Equivalence Assessment
    Chain of Custody Certification