FSC Stories 2021

Fashion Forever Green Pact: Promoting Responsible Sourcing Among Global Brands

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) launched its Fashion Forever Green Pact, a call to immediate action for the fashion industry—brands, retailers and manufacturers alike—to adopt responsible sourcing to support the world’s forests.

The initiative is based on a set of three actions that aim to build sustainability into the fashion industry’s growing reliance on fibres and other forest-based materials. It represents an industry-wide collaboration between FSC and brand owners to drive a shift in sourcing practices and ultimately safeguard forests globally.

By joining, companies proactively commit to:

  • Responsible procurement policies
  • Sustainable sourcing of FSC-certified man-made cellulosic fibres within a year of signing
  • Labeling at least one collection with the FSC label by 2025

Participants include: 

H&M Group | Masai Clothing Company | JBS Textiles Group | Aditya Birla Group | Bitte Kai Rand | Bravo World

The Fashion Forever Green Pact remains open to any company (brand, retailer or manufacturer) that wants to actively transform the fashion and textiles industry and address its negative impact on our environment.



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