FSC Stories 2021

There are Elephants in the Forest

Mbizi Farm in eastern Zambia is the first FSC certificate holder in Africa where wildlife management is fully integrated with commercial forest management objectives.  

The 17,000-hectare estate employs nearly 50 people from the surrounding communities. Mbizi is a significant contributor to the local economy and provides support to these communities. Local churches, schools and clinics have all benefited from this relationship.

The mixed Mopani woodlands contain many tree species that are of significant importance to local communities for their fuel and other needs.  

For elephants, buffalos, leopards, lions and many others, this is home. New technologies ensure that low-impact selective harvesting of the trees is conducted sustainably.  

It is heartening to see the Mbizi estate in near pristine condition whilst offering a host of financial benefits to the owners, workers and communities alike. 



FSC Annual Report