FSC Stories 2021

FSC Worked for a Greener EU Recovery Plan

FSC has worked with members of the European Parliament, trade unions, think tanks, businesses and NGOs to pave the way for a new green recovery.

In December 2020 a final agreement was reached on the €700 billion European Recovery Plan, which includes the following key elements:

  • Around 37 per cent of the financing in each Member State’s recovery plan will be dedicated to the fight against climate change.
  • All – 100 per cent – of the funds in all recovery plans will have no negative impact on the climate and the environment.
  • To avoid greenwashing, a new methodology has been created to track climate-related spending that guarantees only investments that are favourable to the fight against climate change will be considered.

The deal will make it possible to mobilize around €250 billion for the fight against climate change at the European level until 2024. FSC will keep working with the European Union (EU) institutions to make sure that sustainable forestry policies are embedded in EU policies and legislation.



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